Return to the truth

Return to the truth

This is the motto of the exhibition, which was opened in the regional Lenin Science Library in the days of the "Week of Conscience" in Krasnoyarsk. The exhibition represents an original continuation of the theme, which has been unveiled in other exhibitions during the year. The basis of the exhibition were materials from magazines of the year 1989.

"Return to the truth" - that means returning to the history of his country, to the representatives of science and culture, political actors whose names and books were removed from the social process, censored and forgotten by the descendants. The exhibition material proves that the correction of the story is a reversible thing. And that's why readers on the shelf "Opening Specialist Shops" can read books by K. Radek and W. Aksyonov, articles by L. Trotsky and the historical 11th edition of the "New World" from 1962 with A. Solzhenitsyn's story "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich .

One of the exhibition areas is the "Political Local History", where materials from the Yenisei magazine, Krasnoyarsk Komsomol and Krasnoyarsk workers newspapers investigate the fates of persecuted actors from science and culture who have gone through Siberian camps. A special place in the exhibition is dedicated to the press releases of the company "Memorial", to the "Books returned to the reader" and "Journal of the country about the repressions".

S. Teplova
Krasnoyarsk Worker, November 1989