In Krasnoyarsk an exhibition on the fates of exiles was opened

In Krasnoyarsk an exhibition on the fates of exiles was opened

Exhibition Yenisseisk windows

In the city of Yeniseisk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the opening of the exhibition "Yeniseye Window" took place in the local educational college. It is dedicated to the destinies of the exiles, who were "forced to become Siberians" in the 1930s - 1950s. This was announced by the correspondent of the publishing house "Siberian realities".
Yeniseysk - one of the oldest Siberian cities (founded in 1619, belongs to the Krasnoyarsk region since 1934), was a place of banishment for almost all of its history. Often the exiles were known people - scientists, writers, cultural figures.
"Our commander, the exiles remember, boasted once during a table talk:" What does your Saint Petersburg, your Moscow, mean? I want to open my Academy of Sciences here" - and that could have been", - told Irina Moiseyeva, author and curator of the exhibition, teacher at the educational college in Yeniseysk, the correspondent of "Siberian realities".

Among those who exiled to Yeniseysk were the philosopher G. Spet, the historian M. Dubrovsky, the chief engineer of the "Tupolev" construction bureau A. Alimov, the creator of the first cars in the USSR - K. Sharapov , the dramaturge N. Erdman, the writer and author of the book "The Heritage of Calcutta" - P. Stilmark and many others.

But as the organizers of the exhibition report, today in Yeniseysk there are almost no material testimonies about their stay in the city. Only the houses in which they lived and the windows from which they looked.

The real windows from the houses of the exiles were also the most important exhibits of the exhibition. It is as if they divide the exhibition space into five sections, and each of them is dedicated to the fate of one of those people who had been exiled in Yeniseysk: the doctor and priest Valentin Woino-Jassenetski (Bishop Luka), the actress and wife Marshal Budyonnys - Olga Mikhailova-Budyonna, the physicist Jurij Rumer, the researcher of the Leningrad Revolutionary Museum - Maria Lewis, the doctor of the Kremlin Hospital Vera Krestinskaya.

"The aim of the exhibition is not just to tell about the fates of people, but also to create a sense of compassion and closeness to the events of the past, because these windows are no different from many others that you see in the homes of Yeniseisk ", - say the organizers.

The exhibition project was developed at the Hackathon "Freedom of Remembrance", which was developed by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Russian Cultural Fon. After Yeniseisk the exhibition will be shown in Krasnoyarsk.

Julia Starinova

"Siberian realities", 01.07.2019