Report given by Anna Lukinichna Ryabikhina

Report given by Anna Lukinichna Ryabikhina

Anna Lukinichna Ryabikhina was born in the hamlet of Taskino, Karatus District, Krasnoyarsk Territory, in 1951; she is German.

Her mother, Emma Aleksandrovna Rudolf (born in 1928) was deported from the Volga Region with her parents in 1941.

Her grandfather and grandmother were both called into the labor army. While the grandfather did not return home, the grandmother survived and came back. In the 1990s their son brought her to the Ukraine where he lived; after she had died there, the son left for Germany. The grandmothers surname was Funkner.

They had good relations wo the local residents, the mother had no problems at school.

Anna Lukinichna does not speak German her father was Russian, hence they exclusively used to speak Russian at home. The mother spoke German very well. Emma Funkner spoke Russian with an accent, while the mother spoke clean German. They sometimes used to speak a little German with the grandmother, but later everything was gradually forgotten.

While the mother was no longer religious, the grandmother every now and then met with other old women for religious reunions. They also sang nice German songs. As long as the grandmother was alive, they celebrated Christmas on the 25th December. Later they celebrated Christmas and Easter twice in accordance with the different calendars.

Many relatives left for Germany, but the mother did not want to go.

The children are aware of their ancestors; they have even developed a family tree.


Expedition of the State Pedagogic V.P. Astafev University Krasnoyarsk on the project "Ethnic groups in Siberia: Conditions for preserving cultural memory", 2017. Districts of Karatus and Kuragino.