Erection of a Stalin monument in our town

Erection of a Stalin monument in our town

Josef Stalin, without any doubt, is not a figure with a specific identity. A despot or a great commander in chief. A leader or a murderer of hundreds of thousands of people. Up to this day disputes are on in Krasnoyarsk about the question of whether a Stalin monument is to be erected or not. Today this question will be settled. Nothing has been confirmed in writing yet. But the scandal regarding a Stalin monument in Krasnoyarsk is, infact, coming to a head, to be more precise the scandal concerning the obvious inevitability of its raising. The chairman of the Memorial organization, Alexey Babiy, started to collect signatures against the erection of the bust.

Apart from those who are against, there are those to who Stalin always had the meaning of the great commander in chief and not of a despot of the year 1937. The veterans could not refrain from being pro. They have gone through the terrible war and survived, they are categorically pro. And they call the person, who is now collecting signatures against an usurper.

From nowhere appeared the famous egg-thrower Roman Burlak. He also said his opinion about a monument to the honour of Josis Vissarionovich. He is all for it, though with even much more emphasis.

The striking of the clock is ringing in the beginning of the meeting of the municipal advisory commission, in the course of which they are going to decide the problem by either yes or no. After about one hour the result will be known.

Well, we can now say that the veterans will get the possibility to admire the monument of their leader. However, even if it sounds paradoxical, the opponents now dispose of a stimulans for new deeds, too.

Vladimir Lisyutkin