Pro Stalin!

Pro Stalin!

For some reason or other there sometimes arises a rather absurd phenomenon about history: although in history the dimensions and liberty for venality are immeasurable, it is just the kybernetics which were called the prostitute of capitalism at that time

Speaker A.V. Uss had a meeting with war veterans recently, who proposed him taking personal charge of the raising of a Stalin statue in Krasnoyarsk. The great public holiday was approaching after all. Uss told them that any decisions about monuments and statues would not lie within his authorit (although - isnt he the man of influence ranking in the second place in the region?). However, obviously due to a deep respect for these honourable men, he remarked that the person of the genius and leader of all people had become the subject of often rather unfounded discussions, and that he himself was principally against the pulling down of any monuments at all, no matter whether it was a Dzerzhinskiy, a Stalin or anybody else because they are part of our history. And his colleague from the legislative assembly, deputee A.P. Bykov (who is by far not the last comrade of his kind) supported the erection of such a monument, too using exactly the same words and giving exactly the same argument: They are part of our history, after all!

By the way, the above sentence obviously developed into some kind of a magic formula for politicians of any rank or position, permitting them to attract the attention of the voters. No matter, whether they are on the right, on the left or somewhere else It seems as if there are no objective, impartial opinions about whether this is good or bad they are even missing by way of hints. For some reason or other it does not occur to anybody in Europe to raise a statue to the honour of Hitler or the heroes of revolution who sent barges with many people to the bottom of the rivers at their time. This is history, as well, after all and what a history it is!

The Clot . The eye-witness, No. 17, 03.05.2005