The even fear the bronze one

The even fear the bronze one

The Krasnoyarsk Communists did not succeed in “breaking through” the bastions the authorities built by disregarding the significant pages of thehistory of their fatherland. Thus, there will not be any Y.V. Stalin bust in the Memorial of Victory. Obviously, “from above” (either from the regional administration or, maybe, even directly from Moscow) came the order not to give a damn about the wish of some war veterans and representatives of the public, but to stop the initiative taken to the honour and memory of the commander in chief of the USSR during the Great Ptriotic War.

In fact, the regime does not only fear the dea Stalin,but even a bronze sculpture of the generalissimo. However, the inauguration ceremony took place yet: in the courtyard of the new KPRF town committee building rallied a few dozen people and representatives of the mass media, in order to view the imposing bust of the leader of the Soviet people with their own eyes.

Since last year there have been never-ending discussions and endeavours on the part of the Communists and veterans’ organizations in town and all over the region – discussions about a Stalin monument and its future proper place in town. But it turned out different, for the bronze generalissimo is not going to be raised in the courtyard of the KPRF town committee, butinside the building. This precautionary measure was well-conceived and is basically justified. In the inauguration ceremony even took part two decided opponents, passionate anti-Soviets and anti-Stalinists of the “Memorial” organization, who were immediately rushed at by the Communists, as well as by the representatives of the mass media (the latter, of course, merely aiming at an interview).

The Communists tried everything within their power to block and disturb the unplanned press conference of the “Memorialshiks”. Having formed a close circle around the anti-Stalinists, they did not let them get a word in edgewise and pushed them away from the newly founded “Stalin Place”. After a short speech of unmasking, a man even spit one of the “victims of reprisals” on the back, which evoked loud ovations among those, who had come for the meeting. To cut a long story short, the Communists chased the “accomplices of world judaism” away from their Stalin and peacefully brought their meeting to an end.

Finally the representatives of the KPRF declared that they would continue their fight for a Stalin monument. The question only is, whether the result will be positive. At this stage the outcome is uncertain. The opponents, after all, will keep a sharp eye on this matter, too …

Konstantin Litvinov
“Krasnoyarsk Newspaper”, No. 34 (1405), 12.05.2005