A tourist center in memory of the „Leader of all peoples“ is to be created in Krasnoyarsk Territory

Aleksander Makarov, Krasnoyarsk

A new project to perpetuate the memory of Josef Stalin has become known in Russia. While all previous authors of similar projects as, for example, the rebuilding of statues to the honour of the leader, felt to do so for ideolgic motives, the initiators are businessman from Krasnoyarsk this time, who simply decided to make money by calling Stalin back to people’s mind. As the newspaper “Izvestia” found out, there are now plans to reconstruct the Pantheon to the honour of the “leader of all peoples” in the settlement of Kureyka, Turukhansk district – just in the place where Stalin, at that time, lived in internal exile, inflicted on him by the Czar.

Having realized this idea, its initiators hope to attract thousands of tourists to Krasnoyarsk Territory. who are interested to visit this ingenious Stalin-Land, which politicians have already called a true blasphemy.

The initiative became known only recently, on the occasion of the traditional Spring Tourist Fair. The manager of one of the local tourist agencies, who has already been dealing with the organization of extreme tours in the north of Krasnoyarsk Territory for several years, announced his intention to rebuild Stalin’s Pantheon in the settlement of Kureyka, Turukhansk district (about 1800 kms away from Krasnoyarsk City.

The Leader’s Pantheon was one of the big memorial places on the territory of our country. It took up an area of 400 square meters and was 10 meters in height. Brigades of prisoners, as well as wage workers began to build the Pantheon in the late 1940s. The Pantheon was covered with a protective cone of marble and granite. Inside, according to the information of eye-witnesses, there was a little wooden hut, the one, in which Josef Dzhugashvili lived during his exile in the district of Turukhansk from 1913 to 1916.

The estruction of the Pantheon began about one year after the generalissimo’s death. At first they removed Stalin’s bronze bust – it was drowned in the Yenisey. Finally, in 1961, the Pantheon was completely closed by order of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU – Nikita Khrushchev. In 1995 the memorial complex was destroyed by a forest fire for the most part. All intact remains were thrown into the river.

And now they envisage the reconstruction of this grandiose edifice. A statue of the “Leader of all peoples” three meters in height, has already been ordered. It will be made from modern materials (the original consisted of bronze and had a weight of about 5 tons). They plan to put up the statue on a pedestal (5 meters in height) already in August this year.

Step by step the businessmen also intend to reconstruct the complete memorial complex – including an illuminated staircase, four meters in width, which, at that time, lead from the banks of the Yenisey directly to the Pantheon, the wooden hut and the monumental protective cone. They want to use mainly wood and modern materials, suitable to well imitate concrete, glass and metal.

Initially it was evensaid that the Krasnoyarsk territorial administration is supporting these plans. At least the counsil of the governor of the region, Yevgeniy Pashchenko, gave to understand that the project had been discussed during a round-table conference about the development of local tourism and that “no political motives are behind this idea at all”.

None the less, the project did not cause any political arguments A rare case, indead, but the eternal, age-old ideologic opponents – Communists and Democrats – unanimously gave the same comment: this is pure blasphemy.

- All plans to perpetuate the memory of this “Executioner of allpeoples” have to be suspended for 50 years, - said Aleksey Babiy, chairman of the Krasnoyarsk “Memorial” Organization.

- Wait, until all those have passed away, who were affected by the Stalinist prosecutions. Maybe, our descenders will have less trouble with this question. May they decide, what is needed and what isn’t”.

The source of information “Izvestia” refers to is convinced that “trying to turn the holy name of the great leader, who helped the country to gain the victory over fascism, into vile profit is simply – disgusting” (no offocial version has been formulated so far; therefore, party discipline does not allow any comments on what happened at this stage).

The final point of view of the authorities was explained by Aleksander Khloponin – governor of the region.

- We do not have the intention to pull down any statues of any political figures, which survived on Krasnoyarsk Territory, - he told “Izvestia”. – Opposite the administration building we still have Vladimir Lenin made of concrete, and at the other end of the quarter there is a bust in memory of Feliks Dzerzhinskiy. However, we do not intend to erect new ones, either.

Russia for tourists – a zone of extreme tourism

Authorized representatives of tourist agencies elaborated special routes for true fans of extreme tours and hot sensations. Foreign tourists find the regions of the Far North extraordinarily attractive. Seven Russian regions belong to theArctic zone. However, one of the regions with best perspectives for the development of extreme tourism is the Taimyr peninsula, in concrete terms, the settlement of Khatanga, friom where they organize flights to the North Pole, and where they dispose, even though to aminimal extent, of an infrastructure – thus being prepared to receive tourists. There a lots of interest people, who would like to make a trip to the Arctic region. However, they have to go through a complicated authorizing procedure – and the Federal Frontier Service, the federal Security Service (FSB) and the Ministry of Defense insist upon delivery of the corresponding applications no later than 180 days before starting the trip. Another extreme tour might be organized in – Kamchatka. The two weeks’ tour, which includes a trip by raft on the river, an ascent to Avachinskiy volcano and a visit to the Vally of Geysirs costsabout $ 2.500,-. They are offering extra tours for those, who love to go fishing and hunting. One can go bear hunting in Kamchatka for approximately $ 7.000,-. Whoever wants to hunt elks has to pay even more - $ 8.500,-. Out of sheer kindness foreigners are additionally offered the service of a taxidermist – in remembrance of his trip to Russia the tourist may take back home the stuffed animal he killed by himself.

The biggest steel national project

Instructions for visitors of the future history park

Look more cheerful, comrades! Stop your talks about Stalin: the figure is not a simple one, anyway, and it is very inconsistent, too. Let us line up in harmony in one of the queues already waiting for us at the park entrance. All people are to be in happy anticipation. Refrain from any opportunism, capitalist individualism or pomposity. After having formed up, we will enter the park in two lines. Stalin fans to the left (meeting place in front of the banner saying”Spartacus – the champion”), those who are scared of Stalin – to the right (meeting place in front of the banner “You will get nothing out of this”). In the sequel, strictly comply with the park rules and obey all instructions.

1. First bodily search. Mobile phones, shoelaces, belts, documents and means to be left with the park attendants at the entrance. What do you need them for in this place? You make keep your plastic cards with you; they might be useful during the distribution of the rations (see below).

2. The line of Stalin’s fans will receive a special equipment at „Peephole 1“, those who fear Stalin – at „Peephole 2“: Stalin’s fans will be handed over „rose-coloured spectacles“, the latter „filthy“ ones. One piece per person. The spectacles must only be taken off upon unmistakable order.. Walk only on those paths, which were used by Stalin at that time (see signposts).

3. The lines start running to the physical training zone, where the first funny exercises are in store for the participants of the excursion:

4. The teams go to the „Distribution Point“ to receive their dry ration (included in the travelling expenses). Around the corner there is a water faucet, were the ration can be thinned down to obtain a nice watery soup. First and second course from one and the same mess kit – all included in the price!

5. The service staff takes the participants of the excursion to the lecture barracks by means of stretchers. The scientific employees, who are officiaaly working for the zone, explain the latest news resulting from research on practical use.

6. Having done the final cleanout (catching lice), after having taken away all sharp objects, put aside foodstuffs and the like, the participants of the excursion take eachother by the hand and move to the exit – without feeling any disgust or dispise towards the others (they are at the end of their tether, anyway, and they don’t need any physical power now, either).

Remark: The experiments have shown that the tasks the builders of the park set themselves, afforded both parties much pleasure and content. Civilian peace and the welding together of social ranks up to the exit are guaranteed. And, apart from this, the organizers even earn good money. Well then, go ahead!

Author: Igor Nikolaev
„Izvestia“- 20.04.2006