Stalin is coming back

Stalin is coming back

It has come to my attention that, within short, a monument to the honour of Stalin, the Father of the peoples is going to be erected on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region. Does this mean the repetition of history? Apart from this they say that the costs of construction will be financed by means from the budget.
G. Ponomarenko,

The question is answered by the counsellor of the governor of Krasnoyarsk territory, Yevgeniy Pashchenko, as follows:

- They are, in fact, planning to reconstruct the pantheon in Krasnoyarsk Territory in the summer the pantheon, which was built late in the 1940s in commemoration of Stalins exile (1913-1916) and closed to the public by order of Krushchev in 1961. They idea for such a project came from a few entrepreneurs from the region of Turukhansk. They are prepared to pay the costs of construction.

It is planned to reconstruct the pantheon in its original form. Before it was closed, it occupied an area of 400 square meters and was more than 10 meters I height. It was built by forced labor convicts of the GULAG system, right I the depths of the taiga, on the banks of the river Kureyka. Hundreds of larch-tree piles were used to erect the huge structure, for larch is a kind of timber resistent to decay and weathering. Around the pantheon they built a conic protection wall of marble and granite. The interior was equipped with objects from the year 1913 curved Vienna-style chairs, a big table with a kerosine lamp and a 1933 copy of Karl marxs The Capital.

By the way

On Krasnoyarsk Territory there has never been any memorial, pantheon or monument to the Leader of the peoples kept under State surveillance. There will not be anything of the kind in the future, either.

Arguments and Facts on the Yenisey, 11.05.06