Stalin rehabilitated by tourism

Stalin rehabilitated by tourism

The rebuilding of Stalin’s Pantheon – a state campaign to achieve his rehabilitation.

The rebuilding of Josef Stalin’s Pantheon in Turukhansk District, Krasnoyarsk Territory, is part of an extensive state campaign aiming at Stalin’s rehabilitation. This is the opinion of Aleksey Babiy, chairman of the “Memorial” Human Rights’ Organization, expressed to representatives of the internet issue of

“I am sure these plans are part of an extensive PR campaign, which is not even carried out by the Communists, but by those, who have the final say in the Russian Federation, by those, who perpetually describe and praise Stalin’s name and doings in an exaggerated way, always looking for a suitable excuse and justification”, Babiy said.

According to a press report people started talking about a “restoration” of Soviet propaganda immediately after the plans for the re-erectionof Stalin’s Pantheon had become public. Meanwhile the regional authorities confirmed that the idea to recreate the Pantheon has not ideological backround at all. According to the words of the functionaries this is rather a very nice project, discussed on the occasion of a meeting to improve the program of development of regional tourism, to attract tourists to the region.

A new tourist place will appear on the list of the places worth seeing in the Turukhansk region yet this year: “Stalin’s Pantheon”. It is to be expected that people can soon book a new travel route by steamer: “Krasnoyarsk – Dudinka – Krasnoyarsk”, including stays in Turukhansk District.

World public compares the crimes and horrors of stalinism to those committed by nazism. The European Union included in their program “Citizens in Europe” a number of measures and events to be carried out in the years 2007-2013 in memory of the victims of Stalinism. The total budget for the realization of the program amounts to 215 million Euros. 4% of this sum is suopposed to go to measures in memory of the victims of both totalitarian regimes, among them financial support granted to archives and the maintenance of memorial places to victims of stalinism and nazism.

01.06.2006 15:08