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The victims of political reprisals in Krasnoyarsk Territory have a better standard of living than those living in the other regions of Russia

The living standard of victims of political reprisals in Rasnoyarsk Territory is better than in other regions of Russia – this is at least the opinion of former victims of reprisals.

On the 4th of August the deputy governor and head of the Department of Health Care and Social Development of the regional administration, Sergei Kozachenko, had a meeting with representatives of the Social Association „For the protection of victims of political reprisals“.

On the evening of August 4th, a delegation (fourteen people) arrived from Norilsk by steamer „Aleksander Matrosov“. They were welcomed at the landing stage by the chairman of the Krasnoyarsk „Memorial“ Organization of historical illumination and education, human rights and charity, as well as experts of the Agency of social welfare of the Krasnoyarsk regional administration. The head of the delegation, Elisabeta Obst, presented Sergey Kozatchenko with a letter of thanks written in the name of all members of the association. „The regional law about measures to socially support rehabilitated individuals and former victims of political reprisals, which was passed in 2004, is being realized to 100%. All benefits intended in the Federal Law of 1991, were conserved and implemented in our region to their full extent“, informed Elisabeta Obst.

According to her statement the members of the association decided to express their gratitude afer having participated in an interregional forum of Social Associations for the protection of victims of political reprisals and memorial places (the Church of Christ the Redeemer in Moscow). On the occasion of the forum the people from Norilsk were able to assure themselves of the fact that the inhabitants of the other regions (the particpants came from 50 regions altogether) were talking about serious problems, including the abolishion of benefits in accordance with the Federal Law No. 122. This kind of restrictions, however, did not take effect in Krasnoyarsk Territory

During the meeting, Kozachenko expressed to the delegation the gratitude of the Department of Health Care and Social Development, pointing out that at the time of the reprisals more than half a million people came to the region against their own will. „It is therefore particularly nice to hear words of gratitude from these people. It is really great that the regional authorities passed such a good law“.

We would like to underline that 340 victims of reprisals, as well as their children, live in Norilsk. The participants of the action go back to Norilsk on August 7.

REGNUM-NEWS 04.08.06

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