Stalins statue destroyed in the district of Turukhansk

Stalins statue destroyed in the district of Turukhansk

13 September 2006

In the settlement of Kureika, district of Turukhansk, unknown persons pushed Stalins statue from its pedestal. This information was received by Press-Line from a circle of businessman, who were directly involved in the planning and realization of the erection of this monument to the honour of the head of the former Soviet government.

The people who committed this barbarian dead were masked and camouflaged. The action was carried through on the 12 September. Locals tried to hinder them from destroying the statue, but, unfortunately, there was an imbalance of power. Now they are mulling in Kureika over how to get Stalins statue back to the pedestal, - said one of the businessman.

The solemn inauguration of the statue was planned to take place on the 16 September. Among the invited guests was Stalins grandson. The statue of the generalissimo was to be part of the pantheon to be rebuilt to the honour of the Leader of all Peoples, which had been closed during Khrushchevs era.