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Exile / Camp Report given by Olga Bondareva (daughter of Andrey)

Late in 1929 the Soviets deported the Ukrainian family KRYSYUK (farmers) from the village of SHIBENNE, TEOFIPOLSK district, KAMENETS-PODOLSK region (today KHMELNITSA region):

They were taken straight to KANSK and from there sent to the ILANSK district, to the banks of the river Poyma, were the exiles built up the settlement of KHROMOVO.

A. (K.) KRYSYUK and his family lived in the 2nd barracks. He worked as a carpenter for the Ilansk timber industry. In 1933 daughter Olga was born in exile.

They arrested A. (K.) KRYSYUK on the 29.09.1937 and took him to the prison in KANSK.

The NKVD collaborator M. (A.) KUDRYAVTSEV came for him.

A troyka sentenced A. (K.) KRYSYUK on section 58-10 (counter-revolutionary agitation) on the 03.11.1937. He was executed in KANSK on the 11.11.1937.

In the spring of 1938 his wife and children were sent away from KHROMOVO to BOLSHOY UNGUT, MANA district, to the banks of the river Mana, together with the remaining exiles. They were released from exile after the war.

A. (K.) KRYSYUK was posthumously rehabilitated by the Military Tribunal of the Sibirian Military District on the 24.04.1956.

A. (K.) KRYSYUK, D. (D.) KRYSYUK and P. (A.) KRYSYUK were rehabilitated (for having been exiled) by the Teofipolsk District Commission for Rehabilitation on the 29.12.1999. O. (A.) KRYSYUK (mistaken KRASYUK, today Bondareva) was rehabilitated by the Krasnoyarsk Regional Administration of Internal Affairs on the 15.03.2000.

22.03.2000, recorded by V.S. Birger, Krasnoyarsk, "Memorial" Society