Deportations from Khakassia

Deportations from Khakassia

According to the information we have, deportations from the Autonomous Region of Khakassia had their own specific and distinct peculiarity. The chronology of the deportations and the direction of the streams from the northern districts, adjacent to the Achinsk region, are similar to those, which took place into these regions. And the events in connection with the deportations from the southern districts of the Autonomous Republic of Khakassia resembled those that flooded the Minusinsk region.

Deportations began in the summer of 1930 from the southern districts of Khakassia (among them the district of Beysk) to Ol'khovka (Artyomovsk) to the mines of the "Minussasoloto" Trust. During this time they deported farmers to the other side of the Chulym River to Tsentrogar and other places. These remained the main directions of the deportation waves in 1931. Deportations to the west reached not only the Chulym, but also the Chichikayul River (right confluent of the Chulym in the Pyshkino-Troytskoye district). Later, the exiles were transferred from these places further to the south (nearer to the Ob River) to Mogochin, for example.

Apart from these directions of exile streams, one of them was "most obvious": the mines along the river Sarala and further to the south on the eastern foothills of the Kuznetsk Altay.

The Bograd district in the Autonomous Region of Khakassia, adjacent to the Yenissey, was partly affected by a deportation wave from the Krasnoyarsk region to the Yartsevo exile region in 1931 (see section 3.3).