Deportations from the districts adjacent to the Latvian border.

Deportations from the districts adjacent to the Latvian border

This stream of exiles apparently consisted of only one prisoner transport and came from three districts of what is today called the Pskov region (at that time Kalininsk / Kalinin?region): from Krasnogorodsk, Orochka and Sebezh, which border on Latvia. The ethnic structure was Russian, although the villagers from these places had non-Slavonic roots without any doubt more likely Baltic. An interesting phenomenon to be mentioned is that at that time family names did not exist in practice, only the fathers first name (patronymics) was used.

The exiles were taken off the train at Son station, district of Bograd, Autonomous Region of Khakassia, and then scattered all over the different forest ranges of the Son timber processing industrial areas. Some of the exiles were possibly unloaded at other stations, however, we do not have of any concrete information.