Deportations from Estonia

Deportations from Estonia

There are two well-known, large-scale deportations from the territory of the Republic of Estonia: They happened in June 1941 and in March 1949 (also s. sections 5.3, 5.4).

The first and most barbaric deportation of Estonian citizens is closely connected to the date of June 14, 1941. Unfortunately, we do not know of any concrete information about the fates the exiles from this stream met in our region. We are only aware of the fact that early in the 1940s exiles from Estonia were forced to Igarka, as well as to the settlement of Bakhta and other settlements in the Turukhansk district.

We also have knowledge about the unloading of exile trains in our region in the spring of 1949.

The exiled Estonians were set free mainly in 1957-1958. After their release the majority succeeded to return to their homeland.