The deportation of Ukraina-Germans

The deportation of Ukraina-Germans

"Repatriated" Ukraina-Germans from Germany only went into exile to our region from the southwestern Black Sea areas: from the regions of Odessa, Nikolayevka, Zaporozhye and possibly Cherson.

A train with these exiles was unloaded in Krasnoyarsk in December 1945. Besides Ukraina-(Black Sea-) Germans there were also a great number of Ukrainians in this stream. A considerable number of these exiles went to the Ladeyka hydrolytic works (at that time this was an eastern suburb of Krasnoyarsk), others to the cement works, to Zaton (the boat-yard, where they used to keep ships during the wintertime) or to the brickworks, including the Brickworks No. 3 on the left banks of the Yenissey River.

Another part of the exiled Ukrainia-Germans, presumably also from this stream, went into exile on the Mana River, to Pimya, Mana district (near Narva), so that it cannot be precluded that some of the exiles from this transport were taken all the way up to Kamarchaga station.

These exiles were released in January-February 1956, at the same time as other exiled Germans.