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The Sixth All-Russian historical competition for students of the upper grades has come to an end

The Sixth All-Russian historical competition Man in history. Russia 20th century for students of the upper grades has come to an end.

3520 papers from 1289 towns and settlements were received. Practically all (85 out of 89) regions of Russia were represented in this competition. The region of Krasnoyarsk brought in 165 papers (thous occupying forth place in measured activitiy in Russia), 70 of which passed the first round. 36 papers came from the Republic of Khakassia, 13 of which were selected into the secon round as well.

Four papers from Krasnoyarsk and one from Khakassia passed the third selective procedure (representing the 100 best papers):

Dimitriy Merikin from the settlement of Novaya Syda, Krasnoturansk district, became one of the prizewinners  - he ranked third with his paper Hurrah marched the soldiers. His treatise was among the 55 best. The winners, with Dima Merikin among them, were invited to Moscow from May 4th to 8th to take part in the final discussions and the presentation ceremony.

On May 19th the regional presentation ceremony for the participants in the competition will take place in the municipal Pioneer and Student Palace.

Dima Merikin in Moscow

Presentation ceremony. Dima we are proud of you!

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