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The third expedition of history and human rights, organized by the Yeniseysk College of Pedagogics and the Krasnoyarsk „Memorial“ Organization has come to an end

Press release


The third expedition of history and human rights took place from July 5 till July 15, 2006. It was organized by the Yeniseysk College of Pedagogics and the Krasnoyarsk „Memorial“ Organization. The expedition was lead by the director of the Information and Publishin Center of the Yeniseysk College of Pedagogics - I.N. Moiseevy, and the chairman of the Krasnoyarsk „Memorial“ Organization – Alexey Babiy. In the expedition participated students of the historical department of the Yeniseysk College of Pedagogics, as well as two photo artists from Germany – Sarah Schönfeld and Felix Meyer, who are presently realizing an art project („Hometown – GULAG“) in Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Kolyma region.

The participants of the expedition held interviews with victims of reprisals in the villages of Yartsevo and Krivlyak, and also rendered practical help in the household (chopping wood for the winter), as well as in juristic matters (preparing documents to achieve rehabilitation). The students did not only do their practical summer training with regard to firsthand oral tradition of history; they also learned about which horrors the people had to go through, who once happened to get in the clutches of a totalitarian state.

In Yartsevo, at one of the walls of the hospital, members of the expedition fixed a tablet in commemoration of the remarkable surgeon and outstanding man – Mikhail Vasilevich Rumyantsev, who spent the years of his internal exile there. The idea to put up this tablet was first mentioned in the historical research work of a student of School No. 1 in Yeniseysk – Vladislav Moiseev, who took part in the competition „Man in history. Russia in the 20th century“. This year the idea was finally realized.

In Krivlyak the participants of the expedition examined the ruins of the former SibULON camp situated not far from the village of Krivlyak. It was one of the first timber felling camps of the USSR, one od the first signs of the GULAG. The nearby lake is named after this camp. The lake is still being called Sibulon nowadays. It probably is the one and only lake in the world, which received its name to the honour of a concentration camp.

You can have a look at the photo report on the website.