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A memorial in commemoration of the victims of political reprisals is going to be inaugurated in Yeniseysk

Press release

On October 18, at 3 pm, a memorial in commemoration of the victims of political reprisals is going to be inaugurated on the municipal cemetery in Yeniseysk.

In 1975, while working on the extension of the mains network in the far North, workers discovered a deep trench filled with corpses. According to the statements of eye-witnesses the dead are victims of the executions carried out in Yeniseysk during the period of reprisals between 1936 and 1938. At that time, the public prosecutors just used to open criminal proceedings and nobody was in formed about their outcome, about the state and results of the “investigations”.

The head of the municipal economy of Yeniseysk, Zakhar Moiseevich Firer, whose father was executed in 1938, organized the transfer of some of the mortal remains to the municipal cemetery; in the place of exhumation three wooden corpses were put up. Not long ago there was only one cross left; some relative of F.K. Konnykh, who was shot dead by a firing squad in 1938, gave this hint to workers of the local museum, also informing them about the exact site. Another part of the mortal remains was taken to the swamp, which is right next to the extended power line.

On the territory of the municipal cemetery there are some more unidentified mass graves, too. They were discovered on the occasion of the extension of the cemetery grounds.

In 2006, upon the initiative of Stanislava Alexandrovna Kobycheva, a memorial was completed to the honour of the victims of political reprisals. It was financed by administrative means and by money released by the cultural institutions of the city of Yeniseysk. Relatives of the victims also contributed for the realization of this memorial. Its inauguration is to take place on October 18.

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