Our work

Report on the activities of the Krasnoyarsk Memorial Organization in 2006

Perpetuation of the memory of victims of political reprisals.

Educational work. Work with young people

Arrangement of a compact disc for teachers on Krasnoyarsk Territory (in 2006 more than 500 copies were distributed).


About 150 lectures were held in medium and high-level educational establishments. Subject: The relation between different national groups seen through the prism of the Caucasian War. Patriotism and tolerance in contemporary Russia. Moreover, about 20 lectures were held about The camps of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Women in the GULAG and The Great Terror.


Our exhibitions were shown in different places of the region:


The arrested Muse graphic art by B. Sveshnikov

Retouched history

Competition: Man in history . Russia . 20th century

Regional action: Krasnoyarsk territory during the years of repressions, organized in cooperation with the Ageny of Education of the Krasnoyarsk regional administration

Seminars, meetings

Study tours


Social, juridicial and charitable aid for victims of political reprisals

Three hours per day (except on Sundays and holiday) we hold consultation hours; 3-5 people come to ask for advise every day. We write statements of claim, direct inquiries to the archives, help people in finding witnesses and witness reports. Altogether we had 565 visitors. We received 89 certificates of rehabilitation. We succeeded in getting compensation payments for 7 people. We sent 64 statements of claim to the courts, 2 private actions were brought to the regional court. 21 inquiries were submitted to the court, in order to confirm peoples death, birth or the degree of relationship.


We created electronical photo archives of about 12 GB in size. Practically all phoos ever gathered by the Krasnoyarsk Memorial Organization are now available in electronic form in a high-grade scanning quality.

Creation of an electronic film library. Practically all films which have been kept by Memorial in VHS or 35 mm quality up to the present, now exist in electronic form, ready to be copied.

Number of materials on our website more than 6000.

We are presently working on a thematic structurization of the existing material.