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Project Moments of History

The project Moments of History is dedicated to the victims of political repressions.
28th-30th October 2009. Krasnoyarsk. Krasnoyarsk Museum Center.

28th-29th October. Practical training course on problems of  project planning and ist realization in museums.

28th October. Excursion to Museum of Military History of the
Krasnoyarsk Territory.

29th October. Presentation of the book Trailing Lobelia (about repressed Germans in the Krasnoyarsk Territory) and meeting with the Georgiy Nesterenko the authour of the novel.


30th October. Action Memory of the heart

Scientific-explanatory lecture Local history. Political repressions (1930s 1950s).

Presentation of the 7th volume (R-S) of the Book of Memory in memoriam of the vistims of political repressions in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Presentation of the exhibition In a world of two dictatorships
(scientific information center Memorial, Sankt-Petersburg) and expositional project Political repressions. Galery of  local history.

Opening of the exhibition Nordvik-90

Memorial action Light a candle wreathes and lit candles were lowered to the waters of the Yenisey River.

Photos: Y. Dmitrienko, N. Zhdanova, A. Babiy, V.Bondareva, A. Katshaev, I. Moiseeva

Photos: Ilya Naimushin (Reuters)