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Seventh expedition of history and human rights organized by the Yeniseysk College of Pedagogics (YCP) and the Krasnoyarsk “Memorial” organization

Podtyossowo, Nowotroitskoe. 1- 10 July 2010



On the ferry-boat

The interviewers betake themselves to the different objects.

It is hard for them to report on what they have gone through ....

The grandmas show invaluable documents from the history of their family.

Working in the archives of the hospital in Podtyossovo...

..... and the Repair and Operational Section

This is the kind of notes one can find in the books of command.

The famous violinist Ivonna Bovar and the hairdresser Anna Weske-Meier from
 Cheljabinsk were working as nurses during the time of their exile.

Anna Timofeewna Orekhova (Kibireva) was handed over the Book of Memory – in
 commemoration of the victims of political repressions in the Krasnoyarsk Territory,
in which her father is mentioned

Granny Varya from Nowotroitskoe at her sister’s place - Eva Pavlovna Rosengolz
(or Rosenholz), who lived in exile. She has been keeping a so far unknwon photography
 showing Eva Pavlovna during the internal exile.

A cross in commemoration of the prisoners, who built the
dam in Podtyossovo.

The first house in the settlement of Podtyossovo.

This barrack has been existing in this place since the 1930s; it evokes
a lot of memories

In Yenisesk we were looking for the house, where Anna Vasilyevna Kniper-Timiryova,
Kolchak’s wife lived in exile. According to some information the photo shows the house
 in question, But everything turned out to be much more complicated ...

Everyday views

Objects from modern times – novel windows in old framehouses.

And this is the place, where we discussed with Lavuaze the law of how to preserve matter...

I have been queuing here all the time since yesterday evening!

Photos: Irina Moiseeva, Tatyana Dzhimoeva, Alsu Akhmadeeva, Aleksei Babiy