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Presentation ceremony of the winners of the 13th All-Russian History Competition of students of higher grades Man in History . Russia 20th century

City of Krasnoyarsk, House of Science and Technics, 16th May 2012

A five minutes preparedness

Liudmila Fyodorovna Komarova, winner of the regional turn of the 10th
Competition for teachers of history, social studies and literature Lessons about
the history of political repressions and resistence against
bondage in the USSR in the Krasnoyarsk Region
reports about the conference in Moscow

Galina Statsyuk, the head of the affiliate of the regional Youth Library,
announces the continuation of the regional youth action
Repressed activists of culture and art in the history of the
Krasnoyarsk Region

The Aban club Fellow Countrymen amazed with the quality and quantity of
their papers and its prize winners

The School N 64 always presents well-done papers.
And now they have a prize winner, too.

A team from Sharypovo District made a good job
this year, as well with prize winners.

Souvenir picture
(magnified formate here)

Photos: Aleksander Kachayev