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Day of Memory of the victims of political repressions

30th of October 2012 – Museum Center

13.00h - Oksana Budulak presents the exhibition „Non-resistance“.

Fragment of the exhibition „Non-resistance“. Photo of the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center.
Abstract from annotations about the exhibition:
People, their faces turned towards a wall, unclothed, fraught with shame about their
 nakedness. Their enforced denudation symbolizes humiliation, the deprivation of
identity, protection and free will.
The project models a situation, in which a human being has to face the choice of
resist mischief by also using force or defeat his aggression and keep his inner freedom by
showing mental power and the ability of non-resistance.
Not to resist does not mean to be humble, submissive and willing to capitulate – it is, in fact. a question of strong will, the highest level of mental development, which does not create violence but saves the human soul. Thanks to this mental power people are in a position to fight ill and mischief and accept confrontation.

14.00 h – Presentation of the movie „Yefrosinia Kersnovskaia. Vita“ (no photos available)

15.00 h – E.R. Tsutskareva tells about the Novocherkassk execution in1962

15.30 h – Lively round-table conference: “75 years after the Great Terror”.
The historians A.A. Makarov and J.L. Sberovskaia as well as the author of the report (not visible on the photo)

Presentation of the 11th volume of the Book of Memory to commemorate the victims of political repressions in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. A. Babiy reports (not visible on the photo)

17.00 h – Concert of the „Krasnoyarsk Virtuosi“

18.00 h – Solemn wreath and flower ceremony at the memorial stone in commemoration of the victims of political repressions

Wreaths and candles are floating on the waters of the Yenisei