Charter 2001

Charter 2001


by the General Assembly
June 29, 1995

Amended version adopted 
by the General Assembly
February 22, 2001 


with the Judicial Authority of the Krasnoyarsk
regional administration
September 01, 1995

Registration No. 583

The amendments were registered with the
Krasnoyarsk Regional Ministry of Justice of
the Russian Federation
June 19, 2001

Registration No. 583

Head of administration
___________________ V.I. Dorokhov

of the regional public organization
Krasnoyarsk "Memorial" - Society of Historical Research,
Human Rights and Charitable Aid

 Krasnoyarsk, 2001



1.1. The Krasnoyarsk "Memorial" - Society of Historical Research, Human Rights and Charitable Aid (henceforth referred to as KO "Memorial") operates in the Krasnoyarsk Region on the basis of the Russian Federal Law "On Public Societies" of the 14th of June, 1995, and in accordance with the present Charter in force.

1.2. The KO "Memorial" is a juridical person; it disposes of a Rubel account, as well as accounts in foreign currencies, emblems and other indispensible properties.

1.3. The KO "Memorial" interacts with the Russian "Memorial" Organization and closely cooperates with State, social, public and religious organizations, mass media, democratic parties and movements in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and international agreements with foreign and international organizations and foundations, the activities of which are consistent with the aims and tasks of the KO "Memorial".

1.4. The KO "Memorial" carries out its work for the fulfillment of its tasks and the achievement of its aims independently, which includes scientific research and expeditions, investigations in the archives, educational campaigns, the giving of lectures, publications, the organization of exhibitions, concerts, seminars and other kinds of public relations, as well as activities for charitable purposes.

1.5. The KO "Memorial" has the right to found joint-stock companies or cooperatives on the territory of the Russian Federation, in order to realize the set up and clearly defined aims.

1.6. The KO "Memorial" has the right to dispose of its own press organ, which is to be officially registered in the established order.

1.7. The KO "Memorial" is authorized to take part in electoral campaigns.

1.8. The charter of the KO "Memorial" is adopted by the General Assembly of its members. Amendments are decided about in the same manner.


2.1. The primary missions and aims of the KO "Memorial" are the following:

a) to preserve and perpetuate the memory of victims of illegal political repression and arbitrary acts;

b) to entirely reveal the historical truth with regard to illegal reprisals and to investigate the causes and effects of these methods;

c) the promote full and public moral and legal rehabilitation of all victims of political reprisals, to representat their legal interests with State and municipal authorities, assist in the realization of governmental measures to compensate these persons for the damage inflicted on them and to grant them necessary social benefits;

d) to erect a memoriaol for the victims of political reprisals in Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk region;

e) to create a research, information and educational center with public archives, a museum and a library in Krasnoyarsk;

f) to participate in democratic reforms, assist with the development of a public consciousness and a sense of justice by condemning all kinds of political practices that are based on arbitrary acts and reprisals and by disapproving violent and anti-democratic methods applied in order to solve economic, national, social and political problems.

2.2. In order to realize the defined aims the KO "Memorial" will:

a) gather information from victims of political reprisals and their family members, as well as of all persons, who are willing to supply information on any events and facts connected with such illegal reprisals;

b) to examine, in accordance with the Regulations of the Russian State Archives in force, archival materials in governmental and departmental archives of the Krasnoyarsk region, which are connected with illegal reprisals and the fates of victims of political reprisals, and to make use of all these information for its continuous historic research and the realization of the rehabilitation of the victims of political reprisals and their family members;

c) to assist with the promotion of public access to historic information sources in State and departmental archives, libraries and museums;

d) to determine and list the burial places of victims of political reprisals in Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk region by means of documents and reports given by eye-witnesses;

e) to gather, buy and accept as gift or legacy all kinds of oral, written, documentary or other information, material relics or values, as far as they concern victims of political reprisals, as well as reports on facts and events connected to such reprisals, and to keep all these materials in a safe place;

f) to systemize all gathered and received information by means of issuing reference files and card indexes;

g) to found an information and research center with attached archives and a library, in order to carry out research work and aducational campaigns on the basis of all gathered materials;

h) to create a public "Memorial" museun;

i) to summarize and analyze the gathered information and make use of the results of this work for educational campaigns by publishing documents, writing contributions and articles, to give lecturers and put subjects to discussion, to organize temporary and permanent exhibitions in different rooms and museums;

k) to form a public opinion in order to perpetuate the memory of the victims of political reprisals by means of publications, speeches and the collection of signatures on written appeals to governmental and municipal organs;

l) to organize collections for the erection of memorials and memorandum symbols in mass burial places,places of deprivation of freedom and places of internal exile, to take part in tenders for the creation of memorials and memorandum symbols, as well as for any other kind of practical work which will lead to the realization of these projects;

m) to grant legal assistance to the victims of political reprisals and their families free of charge, to help them with the realization of their legitimate claims and the receipt of social benefits, as they are defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and to support other organizations and institutions in rendering the above-described assistance;

n) to speak up for the extension of the social benefits and rights of victims of political reprisals and their family members as far as necessary;

o) to carry through expeditions to locate and study burial places, prisons, places and settlements of internal exile;

p) to perform human rights activities in connection with individuals persecuted for political motives, whose actions are not directed against the stirring up of ethnic or social differences;

q) to cooperate with the Russian "Memorial" Organization and regional organizations, as well as with "Memorial" organizations abroad and other human rights' and scientific organizations;

r) to cooperate with State and municipal organs, public organizations, movements and foundations in Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk region, on the territory of the Russian federation and abroad, which share their aims and tasks with "Memorial".


3.1. Admission to the KO "Memorial" membership is open to all persons who completed the 18th year of their life and who share the aims, tasks and moral principles of "Memorial", act in accordance with its Charter and take active part in "Memorial's" work.

3.2. The admisson of new members shall be realized by means of a personal written application during a meeting of the KO "Memorial".

3.3. All members of the KO "memorial" receive a membership card.

3.4. The reasons for a possible suspension of the KO "Memorial" membership shall be the following:

3.5. The duties of the KO "Memorial" members are the following:


4.1. The activities of the KO "Memorial" are managed by the Managing Board which consists of a chairman and two deputy chairmen.

4.2. The chairman of the KO "Memorial" and his two deputy chairmen are nominated and elected during the General Assembly of the KO "Memorial" by simple majority for a period of one year;.

4.3. The General Assembly shall be convened not less than once a year; it forms a quorum upon the presence of two thirds of the members.

4.4. The General Assembly shall make its decisions by a two-thirds majority, i.e. by a majority of two thirds of the members present.

4.5. The following matters are the responsibility of the General Assembly:

4.6. The following matters are the responsibility of the Managing Board (chairman and his deputies):

4.7. An auditor is nominated (elected) by the General Assembly of the KO "Memorial" for a period of one year. The auditor must not be a member of the Managing Board.

The auditor controlls the financial and economic activities of the Managing Board of the KO "memorial" and presents the statement of accounts to the General Assembly.


5.1. Amendments to the Charter can be made either on the initiative of the General Assembly or by presentation of the Managing Board of the KO "Memorial".

5.2. Amendments to the Charter will be adopted by the vote of not less than two thirds of the members present.


6.1. The KO "Memorial" may exercise property rights for monetary funds, buildings, plots of land, means of transport, pieces of equipment and other property or assets that are necessary to provide for the stipulated activities.

6.2. Individual members of the organization do not have any possessory title on parts of the property of the KO "Memorial". Receipts resulting from the activities of the organization can principally not be shared out among its members.

6.3. The funds of the KO "Memorial" might come from the following sources:


7.1. The reorganization and dissolution of the KO "Memorial" shall be made by the decision of the General Assembly by a majority of not less than two thirds of the members present, in accordance with the legislation in force. The KO "Memorial" may not be reorganized into a joint-stock company or cooperative.

7.2. The KO "Memorial" may be dissolved either by decision of the General Assembly or by order of the court.

7.3. Having made the decision to dissolve the organization, the General Assembly nominates a Dissolution Commission, defines the procedure and fixes the schedule for the dissolution. After the dissolution of the organization the remaining funds and assets shall be used for the purposes defined in the present Charter; they cannot be shared out among the members of the organization.The decision about the dissolution of the organization shall be presented to the judicial authority, where the organization is registered.